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Hydraulic Valves Manufacturer

YouQuen strives to deliver the highest quality parts and components.

YouQuen can offer its customers with comprehensive and advanced electro-hydraulic solutions, high cost-effective products, help them face the highly market competition, initiate its competitive ability, and create more value for the customers.

We supply high quality components for your requirements.


We provide 100%
Alternatives or Equivalents of
Hydraulic Valves


What Makes Us Extraordinary

YouQuen shares a continuous growth of 300%+ year-over-year annual growth in hydraulic valve and manufacturing services. These are the features that make us stand out.

Cost-effective Price and efficiency

YouQuen has its own factory in Ningbo, China. This will reduce the price by up to 30% and make the delivery cycle more reliable.

Strict Quality Control

With strict quality control, the product is low cost but good quality. 

Save Time, Save Money

We offer not only Hydraulic Valves, but also value. We provide professional engineering support.


Why Choose Us

Offering better service and higher quality, our goal is to provide solutions for hydraulic related products about YUKEN.


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