Cartridge Valves Manufacturer

Cartridge Valves Manufacturer

When you are looking for a Cartridge Valves Manufacturer, you will want to select a company that specializes in the type of hydraulic valves you need. There are several companies that specialize in this type of valve, including Valveworks USA, Fulflo Specialties, and Winner. Each of these companies can provide you with high-quality parts and services that are designed to meet your needs. To get started, browse the websites listed below.

Valveworks USA

The design of a cartridge valve is complex and time-consuming. While millions of valves are produced each year, the field of valve engineering has stagnated for the past several years. In addition, the cost of materials and manufacturing has continued to rise. Hence, valve improvements have remained elusive. But there’s hope. A new company has come to the scene. Valveworks USA is one such company. Read on to learn more about its product line and engineering expertise.

The company has a broad portfolio of API 6A wellhead gate valves. It covers virtually every need in the oil and gas industry, from 1 13/16″ to 7 1/16″. Its range of PSL 1-2-3-3G, PR 1 and 2, and CSL 1-2-3G, as well as other standard valves, allows customers to select the exact valve they require for any application. It also offers complete line operations, including ball screw, handwheel, hydraulic SSV, expanding gate, and slab floating gate.

Fulflo Specialties

Founded in 1912, Fulflo Specialties manufactures a variety of valves for various industries. Their products include bypass relief valves, direct-acting relief valves, pistons, and fluid power systems. Their focus is on the automotive industry and has a wide distribution network. For more information, visit the Fulflo website, which features a valve calculator and a product catalog.

The report covers a comprehensive analysis of the global Hydraulic Cartridge Valve market, including sales, revenue, and overall segmentation by geography and end-user. It also includes a competitive landscape and detailed profiles of the major players in the market. Additionally, it includes an analysis of each market segment, including sales, revenue, and gross margin. This is an important market study, especially if you’re interested in expanding your business into the industry.


Winner Hydraulics is an international supplier of high performance screw-in cartridge valves and mini power packs. Hyteco uses their products in its Special Application Valve Assemblies. The company is committed to innovation and quality, providing customers with unique design solutions and superior product performance. They manufacture self-contained screw-in valves, which are the most efficient way to control fluid power. They feature anodized bodies for surface hardening and cleanliness, and are tested to customer specifications and products.

Winner’s fully-integrated manufacturing processes include in-house heat treatment and plating, ensuring the highest quality product. Moreover, Winner offers fast customization options to meet most application requirements. Its team of experts is equipped with extensive knowledge and experience, so you can trust their recommendations and support. With their vast product range, you can be rest assured of finding the right valve for your hydraulic applications. You can choose from different kinds of valves and parts depending on your needs.

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