Directional Valves Manufacturer

Directional Valves Manufacturer

If you are looking for a Directional Valves Manufacturer, you are in luck. Listed below are some of the top brands and companies. These companies include Airwork, Wandfluh of America, Metro Hydraulic, and Airwork. Take a look at their websites to get an idea of the kinds of products they offer. You can also get a free PDF file with all the measurements of these products. Then, you can make a selection based on these specifications.

Metro Hydraulic

Metro Hydraulics manufactures a variety of hydraulic valves for various markets. Their products include one-spool directional control valves, two-position selector valves, lock and check valves, restrictor valves, and relief vanes. Their valve bodies are made from cast aluminum or iron. They conduct all of their tests in the United States. Their valves are available in a variety of styles, materials, and price ranges.

The valve specifications can also include the way the valve is actuated and how the valve returns to its starting position. For instance, the valve specification for a four-way, three-position directional control valve might read “four ports, three switching positions.” The working ports are connected to the actuator. Before selecting a valve, consider its working temperature and viscosity. If the valve is used in a high-pressure environment, consider the viscosity of the fluid to be pumped.


In a wide variety of industrial applications, directional valves are a necessity. They control airflow and allow for the efficient flow control. With a wide selection of sizes, shapes and designs, Airwork is sure to satisfy any requirement. This article will provide you with information on the various types of valves available in the market. To learn more, please check the company’s website. We are happy to share with you our latest developments in the direction of directional valves.

These valves are generally specified by their ports and switching positions. In general, they are represented by np/ns, where np represents the number of ports connected to the valve and ns represents the number of switching positions. Hydraulic-operated directional valves are more robust and are able to perform at higher pressures than pneumatic valves. If you need directional valves for your airwork application, be sure to check out the products available from Airwork.

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