Flow Valves Manufacturers

Flow Valves Manufacturer

Flow Valves Manufacturers make the equipment necessary to control the flow of fluids. Their products are customized to meet the needs of their customers. Some companies specialize in a single product, while others specialize in manufacturing a variety of products. The best way to find the right flow valve manufacturer for your application is to do your research.

Flomatic(r) Corporation

Flomatic(r) Corporation is based in the U.S., and was founded in 1933. The company has a long history in valve manufacturing and has a number of different products. It is a popular choice among engineers, architects, and contractors. It offers a wide variety of flow control valves, including directional and ball valves. It also provides valve repair and replacement services.

Flomatic Corporation produces flow control valves for a variety of applications, including Low Yield Water Wells, Water Softeners, and Irrigation Systems. Its Model CD900 series has seven different flow ranges, from 0.25 GPM to 30 GPM. The valves are designed to maintain a constant flow rate over a wide pressure range. The adjustable pilot valve senses pressure across an orifice and changes its throttled position to compensate.

Flomatic(r) Corporation is based in Glens Falls, New York. Its products are used in industrial, municipal, and domestic applications. The company offers a wide range of high-quality valves. If you are in need of a flow valve, Flomatic is a great choice. The company has been manufacturing valves since 1933.

Its ball check valves have a Buna-N lined ball as standard. It also offers corrosion-resistant phenolic balls for abrasive media. Ball check valves are commonly used in pumping stations. They are maintenance-free and self-cleaning, and are typically noise-free. They are ideal for applications requiring high water pressures, high flow rates, and high vacuum.


GEMU is a flow valve manufacturer with a global distribution network. It has more than 1100 employees and is present in all five continents. Its innovative products and services are used by over 50 countries. GEMU is also committed to reducing environmental impact. Its flexible production configuration allows it to manufacture single pieces or large projects. The company can produce over 400,000 different product variations.

In addition to single valves, GEMU also provides complete control systems for various applications. Its GEMU 550 system solution includes a mounting kit, an appropriate controller and compressed air line. GEMU also manufactures motorized globe valves with integrated controllers. GEMU also offers complete control systems for regulating needle, cage, and cone.

GEMU is a leading flow valve manufacturer in the world. Its products are used for a wide range of industries. GEMU valves come in globe styles, diaphragm valves, and butterfly valves. They can be controlled using modulating control, position feed-back, or fieldbus. They can also be used to measure fluids in a range of applications.

The GEMU valve range is as diverse as its industrial applications. There are a large number of valve control, regulation, and connection products. Many of the GEMU valve products are field-bus compatible. For example, the GEMU 4112 Controller, which is the world’s first AS-Interface controller, allows direct connection to ControlNet and Profibus DP. Furthermore, GEMU offers temperature and flow measurement solutions.

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