Flow Valves Manufacturers

Flow Valves Manufacturer

Flow Valves Manufacturers are the key to your valve project’s success. By following the links below, you can find flow valve specifications and applications. To get an RFQ, you can also enter your specifications and requirements. Flow Valves Manufacturers have the expertise to design and manufacture a wide variety of valves to suit your exact requirements. GEMU Flow Valves are a perfect solution for any fluid-handling application, including hydraulic and pneumatic ones.


GEMU is a world-leading manufacturer of piping, automation and flow valve products. Its first valve, which took only 20% of the space of a conventional valve, has set new standards. Its highly reliable and cost-efficient products have opened new areas of use. The company has several manufacturing facilities worldwide, including a plant in Atlanta, Georgia. Here are some of the benefits of GEMU valves.

GEMU produces a wide range of diaphragm valves for a variety of industries. These valves feature a wide range of designs, and are suitable for corrosive, inert, and hygienic media. GEMU valves are available as two-way and multi-port valve blocks. Some models include a regulating cone to ensure accurate dosing. Moreover, the GEMU diaphragm valves are designed with an innovative PD design. They impress with speed, resistance, and precision.

One example of a GEMU valve is the 550 Series angle seat globe valve. Designed with a plastic seat, GEMU valves are highly resistant to high temperatures. The valves have a plastic or Ultem(r) 1000 handwheel. The GEMU 550 Series angle seat globe valve features an Ultem(r) 1000 handwheel and a plastic seat. The valves are pneumatically operated and have a minimum flow adjustment for a variety of applications.

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