Industrial Cartridge Valves Manufacturers

Cartridge Valves Manufacturer

The Industrial Cartridge Valves market report is an in-depth analysis of the global, regional, country, and sub-regional markets. The report analyzes key aspects of the industrial Cartridge Valves market, including competitive landscape, sales analysis, and the impact of domestic and global market players. This report also highlights opportunities and discusses strategic market growth. To get a comprehensive understanding of the global Industrial Cartridge Valves market, download the report today!


If you’re considering upgrading your existing oilfield valves, Oilgear may be the company for you. This manufacturer has been manufacturing cartridge valves for over 90 years, and has fully integrated manufacturing, service, and training facilities worldwide. This gives you the benefit of local support in a variety of countries, and the company is headquartered in the United States. To meet your specific needs, they offer a variety of valve models and configurations.

They also manufacture slide-in cartridge insert assemblies for various applications and pressures. They have a standard design or a special description. You can choose from a standard or a custom design, as well as the piston and seals material. In addition to standard valve designs, you can also choose the spring number and plunger area ratio. They are available in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, Perbunan, and Viton.

Hyforce Hydraulics

If you need a high-quality hydraulic cartridge valve for your application, Hyforce is the company for you. They produce high-quality cartridge valves for flow rates ranging from 0.1 to 530 L/h, and can be sized for a wide range of valve cavities. If you need a high-performance valve, look no further than HydraForce. Their custom manifolds are designed to eliminate the need for plumbing.

A high-quality hydraulic cartridge valve must be leak-free to ensure optimal performance. A leaky cartridge valve will cost you more money to repair. This type of valve is often used in CNC machining systems, roughness testers, hardness testers, projecting apparatuses, and body work on different vehicles. These valves are generally sold in sets of sizes or custom-made to fit your particular needs.

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