Leading Manufacturers of Directional Valves

Directional Valves Manufacturer

If you’re in the market for Directional Valves, you may have several different options. Parker is a well-known directional valve manufacturer with a large assortment of valves in different configurations and operating modes. Their product line includes hydraulic, manual, pneumatic, and ball valves for different applications. Additionally, they provide flow switches for analytical systems and hydraulic thermal bypass valves.


Taicin Directional Valves Manufacturer specializes in designing and manufacturing hydraulic valves. Their line of valves includes solenoid, cam and pilot-controlled check valves. They are manufactured with the highest quality standards to meet the demands of today’s industry. Among other features, their valves are compact and easy to install. In addition, they provide large flow with minimal internal drain.


Wandfluh Directional Valves are suitable for various applications. With their high level of safety, they are ideal for use in mines, open casts, and other applications where pressure peaks can occur. The valves are available in various sizes, including the smallest NG4-Mini version. They feature remote control and signal processing for process control systems.


Sommer Directional Valves control the flow of liquids or gases. They consist of a housing, control spool, and one or two solenoids. These valves can be manually operated or electrically operated. They are designed to be used with oil or non-oil fluids and filtered air.


If you need to regulate the flow of hydraulic fluid, Directional Valves Manufacturer – Airwork can offer you the best products to meet your requirements. These valves come with various options, including ATEX certified valves, manual, pneumatic, and electrically actuated valves. The manufacturer also produces auxiliary valves for a variety of applications.

Sommer 3/2 way magnetic valve

The Sommer 3/2 way magnetic valve is a highly versatile piece of equipment. It features an 1/8-inch connection, protection class of IP65, and a spring return. It can handle filtered or oiled air and operates at a maximum pressure of 980 psi.

Airmax Pneumatics ltd

Airmax Pneumatics Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of directional valves and directional control valves in India. Its range of valves includes hydraulic, poppet, and single and double solenoid valves. These valves are used for controlling the flow of liquid from a single source.

Trilex Fluid Power Inc.

Trilex is a supplier of hydraulic equipment. They distribute ball valves, hose, fittings, and flanges. The company also manufactures these products and stocks them in large inventories to meet the needs of a variety of customers. In addition to the diverse line of products that they offer, Trilex also offers competitive pricing.

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