Looking For a Directional Valves Manufacturer?

When looking for a Directional Valves Manufacturer, you have several options to choose from. There are a few brands you may be familiar with, including Houston Hydraulic, Tec-Hackett, Rexroth, and Airmax Pneumatics ltd. If you aren’t sure what brands you should look for, try browsing through a list of top companies online. Read on to learn more about these brands and find a manufacturer that suits your needs.

Airmax Pneumatics ltd

Manufacturer of pneumatic directional valves, Airmax Pneumatics Ltd has a wide variety of different directional valves to choose from. Their directional valves are used in various applications and come in both poppet and solenoid types. Their other products include pneumatic cylinder valves, lip drain bowls, and moisture separators. If you are looking for a directional valve in India, you’ve come to the right place!


Tec-Hackett is a manufacturer of air and hydraulic equipment. Their product line includes directional valves and manifolds, hydraulic gear pumps, motors, and circuit breakers. Their facilities are located in Ontario, Canada, and they maintain large inventories of every model they make. If you’re in the market for directional valves, be sure to check out their line of Stainless Steel Valves.


Rexroth Directional Valves are designed for a variety of industrial manufacturing processes. These highly durable and reliable products feature hydraulic pilot operation. They offer high dynamics and are the leading choice for closed-loop controls of position and force. These valves are a versatile, cost-effective option for a wide range of industrial manufacturing applications. You can browse our full range of Rexroth Directional Valves to find the right one for your application.

Houston Hydraulic

A Directional Valves Manufacturer in Houston, Texas, offers a wide range of hydraulic products to meet the needs of various industries. These valves are typically available in brass, steel, and galvanized steel. Depending on the application, directional control valves can be set to shift from a fully open to a closed position proportionally. They are also available with hose connections and pipe ends. The manufacturer also offers an extensive line of hydraulic components and can design the valve to meet specific requirements.


If you need a directional valve, you should turn to Rotex Directional Valves Manufacturer. The company has been manufacturing valves and positioners for more than half a century and is one of the leading manufacturers of these products. The company is committed to meeting your unique requirements and developing highly engineered solutions. With manufacturing plants in India, the Netherlands and the UAE, Rotex has a global presence and a network of distributors to serve you.

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