Pneumatic Directional Valves Manufacturer

Directional Valves Manufacturer

Airmax Pneumatics ltd is one of the most renowned Pneumatic Directional Valves Manufacturers in India. The company has been in the business of hydraulic direction control valves since 1975. Its main products include pilot valve, solenoid valve, and directional valves. If you’re looking for the best direction control valve for your application, Airmax is the name to remember. Its expertise lies in the production of directional valves for oil and gas applications.

Airmax Pneumatics ltd is well known Pneumatic Directional Valves Manufacturer and exporter in India

The company offers quality products that are cost-effective and durable. These products are made from the best raw materials and latest techniques. The company is committed to enhancing the productivity of various industries with its products. It employs experts to manufacture products that meet the specific requirements of various industries. It also conducts regular training for its executives to ensure that they can provide the best service to clients.

It has been cultivated in hydraulic direction control valves since 1975

A directional control valve can be used to change the direction of a fluid flow. A directional valve has a spherical element with a series of holes drilled through it. The different holes line up with corresponding tubes and pipes, and when the pressure inside the fluid is higher than the pressure outside, the valve changes direction. Directional control valves are often called discrete valves or flow control valves.

It has pilot valve

In hydraulic systems, directional valves are fundamental parts. They must be large enough to handle the volume of oil required to operate a cylinder and hydraulic motor. Directional control valves have two types: direct solenoid and pilot operated. Direct solenoid-operated valves can operate at low pressures and are generally used in smaller systems. Pilot operated valves are also available for higher-pressure environments. In addition to direct solenoid-operated valves, directional control valves can be equipped with pilot valves.

It has solenoid valve

A solenoid valve is a kind of pneumatic or hydraulic valve that controls the flow direction of fluids. This type of valve has relatively fast response times. The response time of a solenoid valve is the amount of time between the switching signal and the mechanical opening of the valve. Another important parameter is the cycle period, which is the total duration of the valve’s energized and de-energized periods. The recommended cycle period for a solenoid valve is two, five, or ten minutes. The relative duty cycle of a solenoid valve is the ratio of the energized period to the total cycle period. It is important to know that the solenoid valves can be used to control the flow rate of fluids without affecting the overall temperature.

It has spool valve

Spool valves are a type of directional valve. They are cylindrical in cross section and contain a spool that slides in and out of its position within a sleeve. They are used for fluid power systems to control the direction and flow rate of a fluid. The spool is an integral part of the valve, making it suitable for use in fluid power systems. Depending on the type of application, spool valves can be rotary or sliding.

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