Pressure valves manufacturer dbds10p pressure relief

Pressure Valves Manufacturer DBDS10P Pressure Relief

Industrial hydraulic valve in a high performance range. Reliable pressure relief to set pressure.

  • Seat type valve
  • Direct operated
  • Mechanical adjustable pressure setting
  • Pressure setting range 0…200 bar
  • Hand wheel
Technical Data
Items DBD6 DBD10 DBD20
Max Pressure 31.5Mpa 31.5Mpa 31.5Mpa
Max Flow 50L/min 120L/min 250L/min
Net Weight 1.5kg 1.5kg
To Order
No. 1 2 3 4
Items DBD S 10 P
1 Direct Type Relief Valves
2 H: With Handle | S: Adjusting Bolt With Protect Cover
3 Size:6 / 8 / 10 / 20
4 K:Plug-in Type | P: Sub-plate Mounting | G: Threaded Connection

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