Pressure valves manufacturer dr10 pressure reducing

Pressure Valves Manufacturer DR10 Pressure Reducing

Industrial hydraulic valve in a high performance range. Reliable pressure reduction of the supply pressure to setting value.

  • 卷轴类型阀门
  • Pilot operated
  • Adjustment type spindle with external hexagon and protective cap
  • Pilot oil return external
  • Measurement port with SAE thread
项目 DR10 DR20 DR30
最大的压力 31.5Mpa 31.5Mpa 31.5Mpa
最大的流 150L/min 300L/min 400L/min
净重量 3.6kg 5.3kg 8.2kg
没有。 1 2 3 4
项目 DR 10 Y M
1 Pilot Operated Reducing Valve
2 Size:10 / 20 / 30
3 Y:Pilot Oil Drain External
3 M:Without Check Valve | None:With Check Valve


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